Nero Lite

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Nero 7

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Nero Lite SDK:

File size: 20.4 MB

What’s this about?

Nero Lite is a custom created installer for the main Nero Burning Rom application, Nero CoverDesigner, Nero WaveEditor and Nero Toolkit.

Why don’t you use Nero 7/8?

Nero 7/8 has become bloatware and it’s difficult to make the setup program install silently. Also by default Nero installs a lot of DirectShow filters which may interfere with my video recording software.

Why not use another burning program?

When it comes to burning Nero does have an intuitive user interface, has proven stability and compatibility with most burners. It may even supports burning HD-DVD and Blue-ray, and it can print Labelflash CDs.
But I have to admit, there are other CD-burning applications which are also very good and making progress closing the gap.
If you want a free burning program I can recommend ImgBurn. Its user interface is not exactly like Nero, but it will do all burning tasks just fine.

Recently a new project got my attention: InfraRecorder. InfraRecorder is open source, lightweight and the interface works just like Nero. Although it looks nice, it is not very stable yet.

Do I lose functionality when switching to Nero Lite?

I try to keep Nero Lite functionality as complete as possible, so definitely usability over space. Of course I do remove a lot of stuff, but none of these is essential for burning plain CDs. If you ran into a problem, don’t be shy to post.

What is the difference between Nero Lite and Nero Micro?

Nero Micro is basically the same software as Nero Lite, intended for people who only want a full functional Nero Burning ROM version without any extra software like CoverDesigner and WaveEditor.

Are there any known issues?

When using Nero 7 lite manually entering a serial using the Nero ProductSetup application might cause a More features available prompt each time you start a Nero application. Use the following regtweak to disable it:


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Ahead\Installation\Families\Nero 7\Info]

How can I install Nero Lite unattendly?

Generally, look up Inno Setup documentation to read about command line switches. The following custom switches are available in Nero Lite:

Specifies User Name

Specifies Company Name

Specifies Serial Number

Install a shortcut to Nero Express on the desktop

Install a shortcut to Nero Express on the Quicklaunch taskbar

Associate standard image formats with Nero (cue, img, iso)

You can combine several tasks by using a comma as delimiter between arguments.