Another small update

I have updated the VC++ redistributable included with Nero 8 Lite to prevent the Windows Side by Side folder growing in size when you have the latest  VC++ Runtime files installed already.

I chose to upload new builds because the updated installer is about 600 KB smaller in size.

Nero 8 Lite build changelog:
- update VC++ 2005 Redist (KB2643995)

Download Nero Lite here

Nero Lite update

Download links of Nero Lite were expired, so I have uploaded the Nero Lite installers again.

Nero 7/8 Lite build changelog:
- update Inno Setup -> 5.5.3
- update VC++ 2005 Redist (KB2538242)
- update GDI+ (KB2659262)

Download Nero Lite here

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